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Personal Shop

Personal Shop provides an easy way of selling items to other players in the game. This is an alternative to the Trade option. However, using a Personal Shop, you can only sell items for Woonz. Players in the game who appear to be sitting on the ground have opened a Personal Shop which you can access to buy items.

How to open a Personal Shop

Inorder to open a personal shop, Press the Market icon in the Menu Bar or use the shortcut key Alt + M. The Personal Shop window will open as depicted in the image below.

1. Select the item that you wish to sell and place it in an Empty slot of the Personal Shop window.
2. Click on the item to show the details pertaining to the item. You will be required to set the price for each item.
3. Set the price for individual item in Woonz.
4. Set a description for the personal shop so that it will help better attract the players who pass by.
5. Verify the prices for each of the item in the Personal shop and once you are satisfied, press the Open Shop button.

Your character will enter the Personal Shop mode as depicted below. You will have an option to close the shop or to change the shop description.

Please consider the following when using the Personal Shop to sell items

  • Personal Shops can be only opened within town boundaries.
  • You cannot move your character or use skills when you have opened a Personal Shop.
  • Inorder to add or remove items or change the price of the items in the personal shop, you will have to close the shop and open it again.
  • Consider using a meaningful shop description so that your personal shop could attract potential buyers.
  • Avoid opening personal shops at isolated areas. Consider opening them near Teleporter NPCs so that your personal shop is viewed by more players who pass by.
  • You cannot use summon skills like Pantoti on players who have opened a personal shop.
  • No players will be able to purchase your items if you have more than 4,200,000,000 WZ in your inventory.
  • You cannot buy or sell Quest Items using the Personal Shop.

Using a Personal shop, you can sell a total of 8 items and 2 shues at a time. You can place shues in the designated Shue slots at the right of the window. Note that you cannot sell equiped shues or items.

Be very careful when placing items for sale in the Personal Shop. Always double check the price you have set for the item to make sure that you are not selling the item for cheaper than you expect.

How buy from a Personal Shop

Press Left Alt and Click on the player to access the personal shop.

The personal shop window pertaining to the particular player will open wherein you can view all of the item that are sold by the player. Mouse over the item to see the buying price of the item.

If you wish to purchase the item, click on the Item and press the Buy button. If you have sufficient woonz in your inventory, the item will be transferred to your inventory and the player who has sold the item will be receiving the woonz. Also, make sure you have inventory spaces to accomodate the item that you have purchased.

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