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Leveling Up

To develop your character, your character needs to have better equipments such as weapons and armors, etc... Higher items such as these require the characters to be at higher levels. As the players levels increase, they can increase the strength and defence.

Killing an monster or completing a quest gives experience points. When a user recieves such points the percentage of level completion increases. Thus when it reaches 100% the player moves to the next level.

The Blue circle denotes the current level of the player and the green circles show the current experience of the player. When the current experience reaches 100% player reaches the next level.

When a player dies the experience points reduces. But the player does not loose a level. Instead the percentage of completion for that level will go into negative. Also note that players below level 11 don't loose exp when they die)

At every level increase, the character is given 6 skill points. These skill points can be used to increase the Attack and defence power. To view the skill points, increase the powers, level status etc... open the Character Window.

To increase the attack or defence of a character using the skill points, open the Character Window. With the help of the Skill points table below, increase the Strength/Inteligence & Dextarity by clicking the '+' button.

Distribution of Skill Points

At every level up: 6 free Skill Points are obtained.

Distribute the skill points based on the table below.

Keep in mind that the points distribution given below may not be the way to make the best character of that type. You may choose to distribute as you wish.
Class Type Skill Point distribution
Warrior Sword Warrior STR: +3, DEX: +3 at every level up
Spear Warrior Alternately STR: +4, DEX +2 and
STR: +3, DEX: +3 at every level up
Axe Warrior STR: +4, DEX: +2 at every level up
Holy Knight Mace Holy Knight STR: +4, DEX: +2 at every level up
Blade Holy Knight STR: +3, DEX: +3 at every level up
Mage Non-elemental Mage INT: +4, DEX: +2 at every level up
Elemental Mage Alternately INT: +5, DEX +1 and
INT: +4, DEX: +2 at every level up
Archer Bow Archer STR: +3, DEX: +3 at every level up
Crossbow Archer STR: +4, DEX: +2 at every level up

Item Picking

Any Item that is dropped on the ground is represented by its Physical Appearance and is labelled with a Yellow Name.

The Item that is on the Ground could be picked by using the Left Mouse Button. However, the item that is having a Priority for another Character cannot be picked.

Item Discarding

An Item could be discarded from the Inventory if you think that it is not Necessary.

  • First open your Inventory by pressing the Inventory Icon or using the Shortcut "I"
  • Left Click on the Item that you want to Discard and then left click on anywhere else in the Game Area.
  • A message will popup for Item Discard Confirmation.
  • The Item will be Discarded upon the Confirmation and it could be picked again by you or any other player nearby.

Item Identifying

Any item that is acquired from the Monsters are Unidentified and the properties on the Item are not listed

An item has to be identified before it could be used. You will have to visit the Identifier in the Town to identify the item and reveal the properties

  • Click on the Identifier in your Town and select Open NPC Window.
  • In the Buy and Sell tab, you will find 2 options namely Identify Item and Identify All Items.
  • You could use Identify Item option to identify a single Item, whereas Identify All Items could be used to Identify all of unidentified items in your inventory.
  • After the Identification has been complete, you could view the options on the item. Special options on the Item are based on your luck and relation with the Identifier.

Wearable Items

These are the following items which are wearable by a character

  • Armors
  • Helmets
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Weapons
  • Shields (Select Classes)
  • Arrows (Select Classes)
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

However, Items like the Body Armors, Necklaces and Rings have special Item requirement limit which has to be fullfilled inorder to wear the item. The Requirement is based on the Grade of the Item and also the Type and Class of the Character which it applies to. The Restrictions are Strength or Intelligence, Dexterity and Level Requirement in case of Shues, Rings and Necklaces.

You may check the requirements of the Item that you have in your inventory by moving the mouse pointer over the Item. Any requirement that is Indicated by a Red color means that you will not be able to use the item unless the requirement has been fulfilled.

Note that not all classes can wear all items. The Items are specific to each class. Hence, it is advisory to check the class of the Item at hand which is indicated in the last column of the Item Properties popup that is displayed when you move the mouse pointer over it.

To wear an item that you like,

  • Open your Inventory Window by pressing the Inventory Icon or Shortcut "I".
  • Left Click on the item that you wish to wear.
  • Move the cursor to the Inventory window just above top of the Inventory slots.
  • Left click again to confirm the Item wear.

After the new Item has been equipped, the old item is returned to the Inventory which you could discard or sell it incase it belongs to a valuable grade. You may also completely remove all the items that the character is wearing under special circumstances. However, please note that such an action may make the character vulnerable to attacks.

Weapons / Armors Quick Equip

There are often times when you might need to quicky switch to another weapon or armor part. For example, if you need to switch from a Bow to a Crossbow while hunting, you could place your Item in the First slot of the Inventory and by pressing F4, you could quickly toggle the item.

This could be helpful while you are hunting and you don't want to manually change the weapon or armor by opening the Inventory window. However this feature is limited to a single Item only.

Consumable Items

There are a lot of items that are comsumable in A3, either directly by the character, or by the Weapons or Armors that you are using.

Character Comsumable Items include

  • HP / MP Candies.
  • Neryidar (Shue).
  • Shue Feed (Shue).
  • Experience Books.
  • Larcs / Special Potions.
  • Town Portal Scrolls.

You could consume an item by simple right clicking on it. Most of the items vanish upon usage. However, some of the items may have a number of usages which is indicated by a number at the bottom right corner and they could be used multiple times until the item vanishes. For example, a Town portal scroll could be used 20 times until the item vanishes from the Inventory.

There are other items that are used to enhance or add additional properties to your Armors or Weapons. Such items are commonly called as Jewels. They include the following.

  • Master Stones.
  • Juegos.
  • Upgrade Jewels.
  • Elemental Jewels.
  • Property Jewels.

We will discuss more about the Jewels in the upcoming sections. These items could be used on the Weapons directly from the inventory.

Similarly, you could feed the active pet that you have currently equiped by right clicking on the Shue Feed from your Inventory. Note that you will have to purchase the Shue Feed from a Healer prior to this. You could Resurrect a Perished Shue in the same way by Left Clicking on the Shue Resurrection Potion and then Left Clicking on the Perished Shue. Note that you will have to unequipe the Shue first and also have a Shue Resurrection Potion that could be purchased from a Healer.

Negative EXP Penalties

If your character is currently having Negative Experience, you will deal less damage to other players, but in-turn take more damage. The damage difference depends on how much negative experience you posses. These penalties apply only when player killing and doesn't apply in the Arena.

Negative Percentage Damage Dealt Damage Taken
-0% ~ -50% 85% 125%
-51% ~ -100% 60% 150%
-101% ~ -150% 30% 200%
-151% ~ 0% 300%

Negative EXP Recovery

Fredda in Hatrel is kind enough to help you with recovering your Negative Experience. Be sure to drop her a donation for the favor.

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