Beginner Guide

Basic Attack

Move the mouse pointer on the target (monster) and left-click on mouse. The pointer would change to a sword. All basic hit attacks of classes are made by left-clicking with the mouse.

Mages WILL NOT do a significant damage by to monsters if you use this method! and please keep enough arrows in your inventory if you are playing an archer because Basic attack won't work without arrows in Quivers for Archer class.

Skill Attack

Before attacking monsters with skills, players have to learn the respective Skills which may depend on the player level. Players must first get skill scrolls in order to use skills. Players can either buy them from the weapon merchant or get them by hunting monsters. The initial tier of spells for Mages can be bought from the weapon merchant in town. The remaining classes have to find their scrolls through monster killing.

The mages are helpless without their basic spell, thus its available in the shop in town.Other classes have their basic weapon to attack with.

All scrolls have a class and level limitation. There are 3 levels for each skill and player must learn them in the correct order. Simply Right-click on the scroll in your Inventory and you will learn a new skill, provided you meet the level requirements and the skill is meant for your character class.

Players often start trading skills they do not want. Thus approaching other players may offer an alternate source of hard-to-find scrolls.

Skill Attack is used by right-clicking on the monster. In order to use Skill Attack, player must insert the Skill he is willing to use in the "Quick Skill Slot". Press "S" and "ctrl+S" to open the Skill & Quick Slot window respectively.

Click on a learnt skill (one that shows atleast a number 1 near the image of the skill). Move the image over the quick skill slot bar and place it on one of the slots. Use number 4 to 9 as hot keys to enable the skills one at a time.

Once the skill is enabled, right click on the monster to use an attack skill. Please note that there are different types of skills, not all of them inflict damage.

Unlike Basic Attack, using a Skill Attack requires MANA. The MANA requirement of the Skill depends upon the Type and the Level of the Skill. More information about the Skills could be found in Advanced Guide.

Player Killing

Player Killing is a part of A3. Inorder to kill any player, it is similar as that of killing monsters, however you will have to press the CTRL key along with the attack. Note that Player Killing is restricted to Maps and certain Player Killing penalties apply.

More about Player Killing will be covered in the Advanced Guides

Monster Rewards

When the Monster is dead, you Acquire Experience, Woonz and Drops. The Experience acquired from the Monsters is added to your Character's Total Experience and is added to the EXP Bar at the bottom. Any Woonz acquired from the Monster is directly added to your Inventory. However, the Drops acquired from the Monster would be fallen on the Ground and you will have to manually pick it.

Since you have killed the Monster, the Drop on the floor will belong to you and you would be given a Priority Time to pick the drop. On the failure of picking the Drop after a duration of time, Either intentionally or Dying of the Character or Going back to town, the priority will be disabled and anyone could pick the Drop.

If you are not the only Character which kills the Monster and if there are more than one Character attacking the Monster at the same time, Depending on the degree of damage done on the Monster by the Characters, the Total Experience for each character is calculated and is divided accordingly. However, the money is acquired by the attacker who kills the Monster at the last. The Drop thus acquired from the Monster would be given as a Priority to the Character that has done the maximum damage on the Monster. However, similar to the above case, on the failure of collecting the Drop, the other attacking characters could pick it up.

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