Beginner Guide
Game Shortcuts

Here are some of the shortcut keys that could come handy while playing A3

Shortcut Key Function
Open the Settings Menu / Close active Window
Swich item present in the first inventory slot
Open Chat Macro Window
Show Party / Support member overlay (Name and Health)
~ Use Saved Chat macros
/ Consume HP potions to replenish Health
/ Consume MP potions to replenish Mana
/ Recover the Health of the Shue
~ Change the active skill
Open Character Window
/ Open Inventory Window
Open Skill Window
+ Switch Skill Slots Tray
+ Expand Skill Slots Tray
Open Community Window
Open Quest Window
Switch between Walking / Running
Open the Help Window
Hide / View Minimap
Toggle Chat (Whisper)
Toggle Chat (Party/Team)
Toggle Chat (Knighthood)
Toggle Chat (Alliance)
Toggle Chat (Shout)
Change Mercenary attack policy (Don't attack)
Change Mercenary attack policy (Attack enemies attacked by player)
Change Mercenary attack policy (Attack enemies attacking players)
Change Mercenary attack policy (Attack closest enemy)
/ Move the viewpoint clockwise
/ Move the viewpoint counterclockwise
/ Move the viewpoint up and down
+ Zoom into the view
+ Zoom out of the view
Toggle Chat Window (General)
Display the name of Player / Items on the ground
+ Open Mercenary Equipement Window
+ Open Mercenary Stat Window
+ Open Mercenary Policy Window
Take a Screenshot and save to Screeshot folder
+ Open Personal Shop
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