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Non Playing Characters (NPCs) - Merchants

There are several Merchants / Non-Playing Characters (NPCs) in the game that provide various services.

These include the following

  • Armory / Weapon Merchant
  • Healer
  • Identifier
  • Teleporter
  • Storage Merchant
  • Hideout Manager
  • Arena Manager
  • Lottery Agents

Armory / Weapon Merchant

The Armory NPC mainly sells Weapons and Armors. This NPC also sells Return Home scrolls, some basic skill scrolls for Mages, Runes (for combinations) and Arrows. Besides selling items and buying items, the armory is also used to combine items.

Selling Items

You could sell the Weapons and Armors to the NPC. The NPC will give you 10% of the cost of the item in Woonz. However, It is advisory to sell items to other players in the game to fetch more Woonz. Few items items such as Shues, Lottery Tickets, Monster Race Tickets and Quest Items could not be sold to the NPCs.

Buying Items

Click on the Armory NPC and Select "Open NPC Window". You could access the tabs on the right side for specific items. Mouse over the Item to view its description, properties and the price of the item. Inorder to purchase the item, click on the Item and press OK in the confirmation window. However, you would be required to have adequate woonz and sufficient inventory spaces to purchase the item.

If the purchased item is a Weapon or Armor, you would be required to Identify the item prior to wearing it. This could be done using the Identifier NPC.

Healer Merchant

The healer NPC mainly sells potions such as Health Potion (HP), Mana Potion (MP), Shue feed, larcs and Shue resurrection potion.

Selling Items

Players can sell identified weapons and armors besides selling other crafting and reloading stuff. The NPC will give you 10% of the item cost in woonz. So, as described earlier it is advisable to sell items to other players to fetch more wz. However, some items like Shues, Lottery tickets and Quest items cannot be sold.


Players can buy potions from the Healers by clicking on the "Open NPC window". The first tab "Potions" provide the basic potions required by any player. There are 5 types of basic potions namely

  • Health Potion (red coloured first potion) which replenishes the players HP
  • Mana Potion (blue coloured second potion) which replenishes the players MP
  • Shue food (Yellow coloured third potion) which replenishes the shues hunger or SP
  • Mercenary Health Potion (red coloured fourth potion) which replenishes mercenaries Health, however mercenaries health can also be charged through player's health potion
  • HP/MP (red and blue combined fifth potion) which replenishes players HP and MP at once

All these potions are charged at 2wz per 1 unit. If a player needs to buy only 4000 Health potions then only 8000 wz will be charged and likewise.

More Potions

Players can buy different type of larcs and Shue resurrection potions from here. Larcs are those potions which increase the attack of the player for a fixed period of time. Larcs are available in Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L) and Giant (G) sizes. They are charged as per their sizes and they will work depending upon their sizes. There are many types of larcs, the important ones being

  • Larc: increases the basic attack of the player
  • Forn Larc: increases the ice element attack of the player
  • Arr Larc: increases the fire element attack of the player
  • Di Larc: increases the lighting attack of the player
  • Feullumerr: increases the Health bar of the player
  • Milarc: increases the basic as well as elemental attack of the player

Shue resurrection potion is used to revive a dead shue.

Note: Shue resurrection potion should be used on an inactive shue.


Identifiers are those NPCs who identify unidentified items apart from selling rings, necklaces and shues.

Selling Items

Players can sell weapons and armors after getting them identified here besides selling other crafting and reloading stuff. The NPC will give you 10% of the item cost in woonz. So, as described earlier it is advisable to sell items to other players to fetch more wz. We can even sell our shues to this merchant. However lottery tickets and Quest items cannot be sold.

Buying Items

Players can buy armor parts, eggs, rings and necklaces by clicking on the Open NPC window. There are three tabs in Buy/Sell items each denoting different items. The first tab shows the armor parts, second tab shows eggs and third tab shows rings and necklaces. Players can identify a single item by clicking on Identify Item and hovering it over to the unidentified item and clicking on it. A nominal charge of 100 wz will be collected for identifying an item. Players can even use Identify all items which in turn will identify all the unidentified items in the inventory. Players can purchase eggs from this merchant by going to the second tab and clicking on the type of egg they need. More information about shues can be found in our Beginner Guide section. Rings and necklaces can be bought from the third tab. Players can only wear those rings and necklaces if they meet the level requirements of the particular rings and necklaces.

Breeding Shues

Players can make a Super Shue by breeding two 100 level shues. A Super Shue is the result of breeding 2 shues. The newly bred Super Shue will have both the parents' options and will have an additional option for "Critical attack". It is possible to breed 2 shues of different classes into a super shue of either of the parents' class. To breed a Super Shue, the 2 parent shues have to be of level 100. An Item Identifier NPC can breed your 2 level 100 shues into a Super Shue. A Super Shue will start from level 1 again after being bred. There is no level requirement to equip a Super Shue.


A teleporter/warp merchant is the one who Warps/transfers the player from one town / region to another for a fee. The teleporter NPC is the glowing one in the centre of the town. For a fee you can instantly teleport to the map of your choice. You will arrive at the connecting point of the map.

The fee is calculated depending on the characters level

Fee = (Level x 50) + 200 Wz

Storage Manager

It is impossible for a player to carry all items in his inventory. This is where the storage merchant comes handy. Players can enter the town storage by clicking on the Open NPC Window from a storage merchant. In the store there are two tabs one where you can put your items and the second tab allows you to deposit/withdraw woonz.

Each time you use the storage to take out or put in an item you are charged 500 WZ. Items are transferred by left-clicking the item and the destination.

Hideout Manager

Once you become the winner of the in-game Knighthood tournament as the overall Sovereign, ownership of the castle will belong to you along with Tax collected in the nation. The Castle Keeper allows access into the Castle and is also the person to receive the taxes collected.

Additionally the Hideout Manager also carries out Hideout Auction so that Knighthood Leaders could bid on Winning a Hideout for their Knighthood.

Arena Manager

The Arena Managers basically allow you to access the in-game PK Arena. An arena where you can create maps to PK with other players, without the penalties of death or parole time, which there will otherwise be, should you PK out of arena.

Managers of both towns will bring you to the same Arena no matter which town you are accessing from. The Arena Manager also refreshes your HP/MP when you leave the arena.

Mercenary / Lottery Merchant

Want to make it big with money? A millionaire overnight? The Lottery Selling NPC will be the person to look for then! Purchase lottery tickets from these NPCs and see if you are the lucky person at the end of the day / week to become instantly rich!

The frequency of the lottery draws may vary from a weekly to a daily event. (Though it is mostly a daily event)

These merchants also sell mercenaries and are the only one who can revive your dead mercenaries. Players of level 30 and above can buy mercenaries from this merchant. When a player dies, his active mercenary also dies with the master. Players have to revive their mercenaries using this merchant. More about Mercenaries could be found in the Advanced Guide.

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