Occupation: Armory
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

He is old looking weaponsmith who is popularly known for his ability to determine what weapon would be best for his customers. According to legends he is said to be an Emperor of a huge empire, however it was destroyed during the war with Gods.
Armors Sold
Weapons Sold
Misc Items Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
3002Free the people who are posessed by Goshualeng161-161Dreng25000038000700
3003Head of Purr135-159Dreng18810052000780
3004Secret of PurrNo ConditionDreng15400032000660
3021Let's find Banshiu in Bughye135-155Dreng13200032000660
3029Tears of Blood135-160Dreng19800033000700
3038Glorified Axes135-160Dreng23826030000680
3044Beasts of Ertakin150-161Dreng21826078000700
3045Arrogant Irkade KenNo ConditionDreng23826078000780
3050Dreng's Request135-160Dreng21826078000780
3051Dwarves and Divine WeaponsNo ConditionDreng25215078000780
3055Reality of the Dark ForestNo ConditionDreng18010034000680
3056Mozma ForceNo ConditionDreng18010035000680
3064Conspiracy of ErtarkinNo ConditionDreng18010041000680
3065Secret of Black AlderNo ConditionDreng18010042000680
3067The fight against the evil spiritsNo ConditionDreng10000001000001000
3072Natural Weapons150-161Dreng23826078000700
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