Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Female
Age: 22

She was a gambler, who almost lost her own life for a gamble. From that point on she stopped gambling and started selling armor for the warriors going for to a battle
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
8Materra, a depositoryNo ConditionDellua1510060
63Escape to SelvarbNo ConditionDellua6000020000498
64Challenging my weaknesses¡¦No ConditionDellua170005000600
65An unexpected reunionNo ConditionDellua3400025000600
316Cheated by delluas50-70Dellua9000060000450
317I'm sure that I¡¯ve been cheated.No ConditionDellua6000030000450
348Half-human, half-beast typeNo ConditionDellua7147850000600
368Oh, it wasn't the last one.No ConditionDellua200000100000750
411Necklace of Ewealla90-120Dellua8000060000600
414Even the Protrusions of Yahgon¡¦90-120Dellua12000090000600
418Processing poisonNo ConditionDellua7500045000480
444Heart of Niflgarr monsters120-155Dellua240000120000780
445Fire HeartNo ConditionDellua8000030000600
709A gambler? A tempter!70-105Dellua2385012000500
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