Vithar Set
It is made of Vlthar, an indigenous product of Hetrel. Vlthar is a metal very light and outstanding in defense capabilities. As it is flexible, and tough at the same time, it is the best material for making defense gear. Especially as it is so light that you won't feel any weight when you wear it, it will help you to reduce the fatigue from long-term engagement in battles, and keep you in the best condition. During the fierce fight against gods, the warrior batallion of the army of Lubal began to wear it for the first time.

Grade: 6
Class: Warrior
Set Type: Spear Warrior

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 303
Dexterity: 211
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Vithar Armor

Spear Warrior Armor
Grade 6

Strength: 317
Dexterity: 221
Buy Price: 2,769,000

Vithar Pants

Spear Warrior Pants
Grade 6

Strength: 314
Dexterity: 218
Buy Price: 3,234,000

Vithar Helmet

Spear Warrior Helmet
Grade 6

Strength: 310
Dexterity: 216
Buy Price: 2,895,000

Vithar Boots

Spear Warrior Boots
Grade 6

Strength: 307
Dexterity: 213
Buy Price: 3,363,000

Vithar Gloves

Spear Warrior Gloves
Grade 6

Strength: 303
Dexterity: 211
Buy Price: 3,096,000

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