Nikuz Set
It means someone who thrusts a spear. As it is made of a precious metal, steel, it is hard to come by, and only reputable knights can have it.

Grade: 3
Class: Warrior
Set Type: Spear Warrior

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 93
Dexterity: 61
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Nikuz Armor

Spear Warrior Armor
Grade 3

Strength: 107
Dexterity: 71
Buy Price: 92,300

Nikuz Pants

Spear Warrior Pants
Grade 3

Strength: 104
Dexterity: 68
Buy Price: 107,800

Nikuz Helmet

Spear Warrior Helmet
Grade 3

Strength: 100
Dexterity: 66
Buy Price: 96,500

Nikuz Boots

Spear Warrior Boots
Grade 3

Strength: 97
Dexterity: 63
Buy Price: 112,100

Nikuz Gloves

Spear Warrior Gloves
Grade 3

Strength: 93
Dexterity: 61
Buy Price: 103,200

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