Iron Eska Set

It is a legendary armor made of the special silver produced in the mountain range in the south of the continent and the scales of a fire dragon. If you wear it, you can withstand fire, and prevent the attacks of lower-ranking monsters under the control of a fire dragon.

Grade: 4
Class: Mage
Set Type: Non Elemental Mage

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Intelligence: 178
Dexterity: 88
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Iron Eska Armor

Non Elemental Mage Armor
Grade 4

Intelligence: 194
Dexterity: 96
Buy Price: 276,900

Iron Eska Pants

Non Elemental Mage Pants
Grade 4

Intelligence: 190
Dexterity: 94
Buy Price: 323,400

Iron Eska Helmet

Non Elemental Mage Helmet
Grade 4

Intelligence: 186
Dexterity: 92
Buy Price: 289,500

Iron Eska Boots

Non Elemental Mage Boots
Grade 4

Intelligence: 182
Dexterity: 90
Buy Price: 336,300

Iron Eska Gloves

Non Elemental Mage Gloves
Grade 4

Intelligence: 178
Dexterity: 88
Buy Price: 309,600