Hrim Set

Defensive sorcery is inscribed with great workmanship on this defense gear. At first glance, it may seem like a meaningless arrangement of characters, but if the wearer has enough magical power to decipher these characters, the true value of this defense gear will reveal itself. Perhaps because you need not only to recognize the sounds, but also understand them in your heart, very few people understand what they mean.

Grade: 6
Class: Mage
Set Type: Non Elemental Mage

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Intelligence: 338
Dexterity: 168
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Hrim Armor

Non Elemental Mage Armor
Grade 6

Intelligence: 354
Dexterity: 176
Buy Price: 2,769,000

Hrim Pants

Non Elemental Mage Pants
Grade 6

Intelligence: 350
Dexterity: 174
Buy Price: 3,234,000

Hrim Helmet

Non Elemental Mage Helmet
Grade 6

Intelligence: 346
Dexterity: 172
Buy Price: 2,895,000

Hrim Boots

Non Elemental Mage Boots
Grade 6

Intelligence: 342
Dexterity: 170
Buy Price: 3,363,000

Hrim Gloves

Non Elemental Mage Gloves
Grade 6

Intelligence: 338
Dexterity: 168
Buy Price: 3,096,000