Player Killing

What is Player Killing?

Player killing is the act of forcefully killing another player. Player Killing is an integral part of A3. However, we don't recommend involving in Player Killing since it creates a negative environment in the game. Try not to involve in Player Killing unless you really have to.

  • Player Killing can be performed anywhere except for the towns.
  • You can only perform or undergo Player Killing if your level is above Level 11.
  • You cannot player kill your party members.
  • You can player kill your support member.
  • You can player kill your Knighthood member.
  • Several Penalties apply when you PK another player, which we will discuss in more detail below.
  • Player killing can be sometimes disabled by the Gamemasters during special events in certain locations.

How to Player Kill?

To Player Kill, you will have to use the CTRL key along with the key combinations for attacking or using skills. For instance, inorder to melee attack a player, Press CTRL and mouse over the player. The cursor will turn into a knife which indicates that you are in the playerkilling mode. Keep the CTRL key pressed and click on the player to intiate a player kill. When using skills to player kill, just keep the CTRL key pressed and right click to cast the skill.

When Ranged PK skills are used any player in the range also suffers the damage. Please note that Spells like "Necten", "Freeze Skill" and "Earth Pit" only deals damage and does not push or stun the opponent.

Player Killing Penalties

  • When a character dies from playerkilling, the said character's current experience is reduced by 2%. If the current experience is 0 then, a negative experience status is attained.
  • If Level 160 or higher characters die after using a saving scroll, then they only lose 0.5% of their experience.

Parole Time

Everytime you kill a player, you get a penalty(Parole) of 30 minutes. This recovery timer is paused when you disconnect. When you kill enough people to get a recovery time which is more than 120 minutes, then you will be labelled as a Murderer. Parole can be decreased by pressing the A key.

Parole can be reduced at the cost of 100 Lore per minute.

Parole Time Chance of Item Drop Character Text Color NPC Interaction
0 Minutes 5% A Monster Yellow Allowed
0 - 150 Minutes 20% Yellow Allowed
151 - 300 Minutes 40% Yellow Allowed
301 - 450 Minutes 60% Yellow Allowed
451 - 600 Minutes 80% Yellow Allowed
More than 600 Minutes. 80% Monster and Character Red Prohibited


The title of Murderer is given to a player who has more than 600 minutes of Recovery Time. The color of the character's name will turn from Yellow to Red

  • A Murderer has a 80% chance of dropping items when they are killed a monster or a character.
  • When a Murderer is killed, they tend to loose any one of the item from their Inventory except for Weapons and Quest Items.
  • Items of a Murderer don't receive the effect of the Saving Scroll.

Pre-Emptive attacks / Self Defense

Self defense mode is enabled for you when any other player performs a pre-emptive attack on you. Self defense mode will give your character certain advantages over your opponent.

  • Player killing your opponent who has performed a pre-emptive attack on you will not give you Parole.
  • The Self defense duration will last for 5 minutes or if the opponent disconnects. You will receive a message if that happens.
  • You can make use of skills like Freewill, Freedom and Razbadge on your opponent during Self defense mode, which can otherwise be used only in Arena or free PK regions.

Penalty for Players with Negative Experience

Depending on the Amount of Negative Experience, your Damage Dealt to a player reduces and Damage Taken from a player increases. This however doesn't apply in the Arena.

Negative Experience Damage Dealt Damage Taken
-0% ~ -50% 85% 125%
-51% ~ -100% 60% 150%
-101% ~ -150% 30% 200%
-151% ~ 0% 300%