Occupation: Armory
Gender: Male
Age: 43

He was born in a clan which bore many great warriors and he was no exception. He can fix almost any weapon when the right price is paid and he is said to be undefeated in a sword fight.
Armors Sold
Weapons Sold
Misc Items Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
7Dellua, a valiant girlNo ConditionYarrmo1510060
23Yarrmo's request0-17Yarrmo63070060
24Hey, hammerd! Give it to me!No ConditionYarrmo945189060
25Is it a breas?No ConditionYarrmo45090066
26Perhaps it's the temple knights.No ConditionYarrmo42060078
27Now only a amadys existsNo ConditionYarrmo20002000090
73Doomed MoulekNo ConditionYarrmo12406800050
74Encounter metheia's soul.No ConditionYarrmo417751400053
204A ghost of a noble at Fairmode?12-20Yarrmo60756000130
205It rides on a cauldron?No ConditionYarrmo46506000140
305The Bone of Higel, the material used to make armor50-70Yarrmo10000030000390
310A knight by the name of Jakaka50-70Yarrmo2000010000390
311He has changed.No ConditionYarrmo12000050000390
323The material of the cutterNo ConditionYarrmo3225020000390
324Go to Bentren againNo ConditionYarrmo300060000
328A punitive force of the evil spirits.50-70Yarrmo5000026000390
329The examinationNo ConditionYarrmo5000035000390
330I'll clear up Rangdel 2nd Floor.No ConditionYarrmo6000040000390
331JakakaNo ConditionYarrmo4500050000390
332The hunting at Clarb (2nd Floor)No ConditionYarrmo7000025000390
333An uneasy journeyNo ConditionYarrmo8500030000390
334The last expeditionNo ConditionYarrmo150000100000600
335I'd rather be a treasure hunter. No ConditionYarrmo7500025000390
336The request of LunitaNo ConditionYarrmo6000040000390
337The request of the Armory.No ConditionYarrmo8000060000390
338The request of TorrBierNo ConditionYarrmo6500050000390
339The unwilling requestNo ConditionYarrmo6000040000390
340The last requestNo ConditionYarrmo150000100000600
355Claws of Khun, used as decoration70-100Yarrmo8500060000480
376For a special shield70-120Yarrmo6000035000480
377Decorating the shieldNo ConditionYarrmo3000020000480
378Decorating the shield's cornersNo ConditionYarrmo150000100000750
398The mercenaries of Selvarb90-120Yarrmo12000090000660
399Fomans have Symbols of Wind?No ConditionYarrmo6000045000600
401Foman's sword90-120Yarrmo8000060000600
421On an errand to RangdelNo ConditionYarrmo200000150000900
436Mud Pouch of Muddian110-140Yarrmo11100040000540
443Disk of Jaloch120-155Yarrmo15000060000660
618Making a ruler65-85Yarrmo6907570000450
619One bad bone.No ConditionYarrmo4605070000450
622A task related to Larc100-125Yarrmo7875040000480
629For the homeless100-130Yarrmo12487520000480
710Hautz's secret80-120Yarrmo15000040000600
720New weapon120-155Yarrmo16875045000600
721Should have told me so in the first placeNo ConditionYarrmo16875039000600
726Hunting contest - preliminary round110-155Yarrmo3529820000430
727Hunting contest - first roundNo ConditionYarrmo5883028000480
728Hunting contest - semi-finalsNo ConditionYarrmo7950033000520
729Hunting contest - finalsNo ConditionYarrmo11940010000300
1618Making a ruler65-85Yarrmo6907570000450
1619One bad bone.No ConditionYarrmo4605070000450
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