Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Female
Age: 38

She is a 38 year old lady who is said to have desended from the Hatrel Most Prestigious family and is also said to have lots of potential as a future sorceress.
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
2006TestNo ConditionSiiia186745340001000
2007The shaman of KurohenNo ConditionSiiia373491700001500
2008Sellouts to their own raceNo ConditionSiiia17143848000600
2202Philanthropist?No ConditionSiiia10600038000700
2203Philanthropist?No ConditionSiiia10600038000700
2204Philanthropist?No ConditionSiiia7950038000700
2435Siia's request110-140Siiia16650060000660
2438I think I've been tricked by Siia110-140Siiia16650060000660
2447the tongue of Kuscarr 135-155Siiia12600038000700
2468Lady in red Mantle (cloak )135-159Siiia15390078000780
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