Occupation: Identifier
Gender: Female
Age: 1200

Gilraen had dazzling golden hair and a milky skin is the spirit of a woman who remembers the whole war that even the humans forgot. She is said to have a deep personality and shows mercy to everyone.
Armors Sold
Rings/Necklaces Sold
Quests Given
Quest ID Quest Title Level Given By Experience Woonz Lore
3001Cloronrence's Garr100-120Gilraen7200032000660
3008Purr's scalesNo ConditionGilraen18810038000700
3009Pulpikan's double sword135-159Gilraen18810038000700
3012Erlen's Alder fruit135-159Gilraen18810052000780
3014Sprakki: Leckey's appleNo ConditionGilraen0060
3022An exciting proposition135-159Gilraen16800038000700
3025Here's a good role model for the Hero!135-160Gilraen19800038000700
3026A journey to find the conspiracyNo ConditionGilraen23826038000800
3030A tale of the cursed couple130-160Gilraen19800032000660
3031Wings of ScarabsNo ConditionGilraen23826035000780
3039Fort of Grandia135-160Gilraen23826030000680
3046Guardians of Ertakin140-159Gilraen18810033000680
3053Clearing the Main Altar161-161Gilraen25000038000700
3066Wicked AlchemyNo ConditionGilraen18010043000680
3069Keteal's poison150-161Gilraen23826078000700
3071Repose of the souls150-161Gilraen23826078000700
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