Kerri Set

It is an Armor set with extremely low defence. Because of the low defence, crossbow users should be more cautious during combat.

Grade: 2
Class: Archer
Set Type: Crossbow Archer

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 62
Dexterity: 32
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Kerri Armor

Crossbow Archer Armor
Grade 2

Strength: 78
Dexterity: 40
Buy Price: 27,690

Kerri Pants

Crossbow Archer Pants
Grade 2

Strength: 74
Dexterity: 38
Buy Price: 32,340

Kerri Helmet

Crossbow Archer Helmet
Grade 2

Strength: 70
Dexterity: 36
Buy Price: 28,950

Kerri Boots

Crossbow Archer Boots
Grade 2

Strength: 66
Dexterity: 34
Buy Price: 33,630

Kerri Gloves

Crossbow Archer Gloves
Grade 2

Strength: 62
Dexterity: 32
Buy Price: 30,960