Iron Prill Set

A blue dragon's skin is used to make this defense gear. As long as the wearer is on the ground, he can be protected by its pure spirit.

Grade: 4
Class: Holy Knight
Set Type: Sword Holy Knight

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 144
Dexterity: 134
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Iron Prill Armor

Sword Holy Knight Armor
Grade 4

Strength: 156
Dexterity: 146
Buy Price: 276,900

Iron Prill Pants

Sword Holy Knight Pants
Grade 4

Strength: 153
Dexterity: 143
Buy Price: 323,400

Iron Prill Helmet

Sword Holy Knight Helmet
Grade 4

Strength: 150
Dexterity: 140
Buy Price: 289,500

Iron Prill Boots

Sword Holy Knight Boots
Grade 4

Strength: 147
Dexterity: 137
Buy Price: 336,300

Iron Prill Gloves

Sword Holy Knight Gloves
Grade 4

Strength: 144
Dexterity: 134
Buy Price: 309,600

Gierring Shield

Sword Holy Knight Shield
Grade 4

Strength: 150
Dexterity: 140
Buy Price: 261,600