Groa Set

It is thick armor consisting of blood-red fabric, transparent Quenun, and leather straps connecting them together. The helm covers the forehead, the left eye and cheek. Like the Quenun staff, it is made of Quenun, a material as transparent as ice. Though it is accompanied by snow, it is solely for protecting the body from enemies, and does not affect the wearer. It is an indigenous product of Quezbon and Hatrel. Although it is now discontinued, it was a local specialty of the abandoned mine area in Triphkenya. The Groa brothers, who were miners by trade, developed it for the first time, and it was named after them.

Grade: 6
Class: Mage
Set Type: Elemental Mage

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Intelligence: 377
Dexterity: 129
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Groa Armor

Elemental Mage Armor
Grade 6

Intelligence: 395
Dexterity: 135
Buy Price: 2,769,000

Groa Pants

Elemental Mage Pants
Grade 6

Intelligence: 390
Dexterity: 134
Buy Price: 3,234,000

Groa Helmet

Elemental Mage Helmet
Grade 6

Intelligence: 386
Dexterity: 132
Buy Price: 2,895,000

Groa Boots

Elemental Mage Boots
Grade 6

Intelligence: 381
Dexterity: 131
Buy Price: 3,363,000

Groa Gloves

Elemental Mage Gloves
Grade 6

Intelligence: 377
Dexterity: 129
Buy Price: 3,096,000