Glath Set

This armor was obtained by a knight from a Holy Spirit which is light-weight unlike traditional armors. Due to Divine Blessing it increase the defence of the armor significantly. It is said that this armor is made from prayers from people and contains Holy Water in it.

Grade: 6
Class: Holy Knight
Set Type: Mace Holy Knight

Set Requirements

Level: 0
Strength: 342
Dexterity: 176
Stat Requirement changes with level of the set items

Glath Armor

Mace Holy Knight Armor
Grade 6

Strength: 358
Dexterity: 184
Buy Price: 2,769,000

Glath Pants

Mace Holy Knight Pants
Grade 6

Strength: 354
Dexterity: 182
Buy Price: 3,234,000

Glath Helmet

Mace Holy Knight Helmet
Grade 6

Strength: 350
Dexterity: 180
Buy Price: 2,895,000

Glath Boots

Mace Holy Knight Boots
Grade 6

Strength: 346
Dexterity: 178
Buy Price: 3,363,000

Glath Gloves

Mace Holy Knight Gloves
Grade 6

Strength: 342
Dexterity: 176
Buy Price: 3,096,000

Federin Shield

Mace Holy Knight Shield
Grade 6

Strength: 350
Dexterity: 180
Buy Price: 2,616,000