Quest Information

In this page you can find information about all the Quests that are available for execution in A3. If you need more information about how to start and complete a quest, visit the Quests section in the Beginner Guide.

Fiter Quests

Quest ID Quest Title Condition (Level) Given By
1Welcome to Temoz!No ConditionPetbren1510060
2Lunita, a hussyNo ConditionPetbren1510060
3Welcome. I am Bentren.No ConditionLunita1510060
4Elpura, the daughter of TorrBierNo ConditionBentren1510060
5TorrBier, a Healer from of a scholarly family.No ConditionElpura1510060
6Yarrmo, the unique Armory of the villageNo ConditionTorrBier1510060
7Dellua, a valiant girlNo ConditionYarrmo1510060
8Materra, a depositoryNo ConditionDellua1510060
9Kinstone, a blunt personNo ConditionMaterra1510060
10Seniere, the manager of the arenaNo ConditionKinstone1510060

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